Meet Zaphod…

…the camera. He has two lenses, one in the front and one in the back–one of which can be tucked away, you know, when he just wants to look like a box.

So I’ve already taken my camera out for a few spins. The results thus far have been amazing. When I took my first two shots, I had no idea what to expect. I was worried about light leaks or focusing problems between the surface of the ground glass and the film. To my delight (and surprise), the first two shots came out close to perfect.

And now I really have to say…I’m addicted.

Here’s one of the shots from the first trip to the Quabbin Resevoir (I have a better one, but that proof sheet disappeared…on purpose). (Click on it to view a larger size)


Here’s another photo from my class’ portrait session from last weekend. Shortly afterward, the photo of Zaphod and me (at the top) was taken by Graham Ramsay, my photo instructor–who is partially to blame for this insane project. :P

I was being slightly stupid with the film holder when taking it out of my pack, which is why you see a tiny light leak at the top.

Now, will I be making another? Well, this camera needs a few improvements, but in short….


You bet.

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One Response to Meet Zaphod…

  1. Brian Brady says:

    What a great build, am so glad you finished it. I have been following your progress since the brass work. Well done can’t wait to see what you do next.

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